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Training Room

Please note due to COVID-19 safety restrictions all training facilities are currently unavailable.

The Plumbcity training room is located at our Colchester branch and offers spacious facilities in a comfortable, well equipped training environment.

With training sessions direct from the manufacturers our trade customers are given the opportunity for essential hands-on experience and product familiarisation to help learn about new and existing plumbing products.

We have access to the latest plumbing products at our training facilities, including fully operational boilers working on site.

Our Colchester training room has plenty to offer our customers, including essential trade certified courses for unvented cylinders and water regulations.

Plumbcity manufacturer training sessions and certified training courses are at the forefront of our desire to add real value to your business. We provide you with the industry’s leading products, and are fully committed to increasing your knowledge and understanding of all advanced plumbing and heating solutions.